Do you feel overwhelmed by your cluttered home?

If the scenario below looks familiar, you are not alone

It’s difficult not having enough time or motivation to de-clutter and organize your home. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, papers pile up, the garage and attic are packed to the brim, the kids rooms are a disaster, your office is a mess…when will it all end?

Here are your options:

  • Do it yourself – If you can find the time and energy, this method is the most cost effective. However, most spaces need more than just re-organizing. They need paring down and simplifying, too. Hiring someone who is not attached to your ‘stuff’ can make the job much easier for you. Otherwise, living spaces easily return to “disaster” status.
  • Enlist your husband, wife, kids, relatives or friends to come over and help for free – Just ignore all the moaning and groaning along the way! Nobody cares about your home as much as YOU do. And without help in de-cluttering and developing essential organizing “systems”, things will quickly return from order to chaos.
  • Hire a Professional Organizer – If you’ve ‘had enough’ of your disorganized home and want to make a change for the better…this is your best bet!  Not only will a good professional organizer help you create simple, manageable systems, but he/she will make sure those systems work flawlessly with you and your family’s lifestyle. And, of course, the professional organizer will help without moaning and groaning!
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If you are ready for a marked change in your life, I offer many services and solutions to help you accomplish this.

I am the owner of Portland Home Simplified. You will work directly with me, and you will be cheered on, encouraged and inspired to make the changes necessary to have a lovely, simplified, Portland Home. My services will free you up to spend more time on what you value in life. I help without judgement or criticism of any kind.  (Read more about me here)

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who am i? Hi, my name is Stacey and I'm a professional organizer. I will help you simplify and organize your Portland home and develop systems that will work with you and your family's lifestyle.
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